Behind the success of

When you first start a business, will certainly be very difficult. Therefore, try to peek success tips from the founder of are successfully raising their business than just selling books become the biggest online retailer on the planet!

18 years ago, Jeff Bezos founded Amazon and current market capitalization reached $ 132 billion and income of $ 61 billion. Truly extraordinary!

Now let us look what attributes possessed by an Bezos so as to achieve the success of Amazon is that you can use too for your efforts.
1. Putting the interests of consumers

Amazon has been investing heavily to ensure consumer convenience. In the 1990s, Amazon created a website that provides features such as shopping carts, one-click buying, so consumers do not have to retype their credit card numbers, email confirmation, and follow up after the goods are shipped.

Amazon also invested billions of dollars to the warehouse and systems to improve the quality and efficiency of the process of fulfilling orders. Thus, Amazon is able to obtain goods at a very low price compared to having to raise prices to generate high profit. Consumers are given a cheap price, and Amazon just took a thin margin.

As a businessman, putting the interests of consumers is a form of empathy, ie sharing feelings with your customers and build a business that can make them feel better.

Therefore, look for the problem to be solved, problems that cause your customer “pain” and that other companies do not try to solve. If you have found it and make money, re-invest to solve other problems.

2. Create

In 2007, Bezos uses futuristic technology to enter the market of online grocery delivery business by establishing AmazonFresh. The technology uses robots from Kiva Systems. The robot moves with the help of magnets in the floor. Robots that take the goods from the shelves, scan barecode her to ascertain whether that is true, then put the item into the box with the address label consumer.

In 2012, Amazon acquired Kiva for $ 775 million and made a very successful AmazonFresh.

When I SAW Kiva’s product in action Several years ago, I was blown away. It consisted of huge Frisbee-shaped robots that could be steered via a grid of floor magnets. The robots picked up the warehouse rack containing the item in the customer order and delivered it to the operator. He picked the item from the rack; its barcode scanned to verify that it was correct; and put the items in a cardboard box with that customer’s shipping label.

In 2012, Amazon acquired Kiva for $ 775 million and uses it to help the make AmazonFresh a success.

From here, we invite us to think, is there any other way to solve a consumer problem? Sometimes other people can get the job done better than you in creating technology, hire the person.

3. Patience

AmazonFresh also initially did not immediately successful. Bezos understands that building a successful business does not arise from one idea only, but success comes from the learning process.

To solve the problems experienced by your customers, you have to do experiments. Start by talking to your potential customers and understand that market failures in solving their problems that make their lives difficult service solahart. Therefore, make a simple prototype quickly and ask for feedback. Use the feedback to try again. Continue doing this cycle until you find the most effective solution.

Cosmetic Procedures For Facial Skin Brighter

If you still look dull and dirty despite having done some tips to brighten dull faces such as drinking water, diligent Exfoliate and moisturize the face, maybe it’s time you met dermatologist. Your doctor may suggest the use of a chemical peel, dermabrasion, or laser surgery to overcome this problem.
dermabrasion procedures

Chemical peel as the name suggests, using one or more chemical compounds to be applied to the skin to peel a layer of dead skin cells and reveal a brighter layers underneath. Chemical peel can also reduce fine lines and acne scars and even skin tone. Even so, this procedure also has risks. Any chemical compound can be dangerous, and the materials used in chemical peel can cause sores or blisters and can also change the color of the skin if it does not suit you. If you decide to try out methods of chemical peel, make sure you turn the matter over to an experienced dermatologist so that it can give you the right information and will address any complications that might arise.

Dermabrasion and dermaplaning is a surgery that will scrape the surface of the skin. Doctors usually refer to this method to overcome the deeper skin problems, like acne sores. But if you just want to make your face glow, dermabrasion and dermaplaning probably not the best solution for you. Microdermabrasion may be a better option to brighten the skin. Instead of eroding layers of the skin, the doctor will use a similar tool that will squirt abrasive crystals are so small to the entire surface of the skin. Then a layer of dead skin to be sucked up by using a kind of vacuum. However, you will not immediately know the difference quickly if doing microdemabration. Because normally you will experience swelling and scaly skin afterwards, which will be followed by redness of the skin for several weeks. only then face a bright glow can be seen.

Laser surgery will work deeper than mikrodermabration, and the doctor will refer to this procedure for acne sores and skin damaged by sunburn accompanied wrinkles. Laser surgery uses light waves to vaporize the top layer of skin, exposing new layers underneath. When performing any operation, there must be a stage of pre-operative and post-operative that you have to live service solahart. For that, you have to first discuss any potential risks that might occur with a professional dermatologist before making a decision.

How to exfoliating Dead On The Face

Every night, when we sleep, the body’s cells to regenerate. Each cell is damaged and dead cells are replaced new and better. Well, this change can also include cells of your facial skin. This is why quality night’s sleep are very good for your skin beauty.

How to effectively remove dead skin cells on the face

But, the cells dead skin also can not be seen with the naked eye, you know. Usually such cells will flake and decay, albeit slowly, since it also depends on the cleanliness of your skin. If you were sleeping, while the skin is not cleaned beforehand, skin cells can not grow and change, as a result of facial skin become dull. Therefore, the habit of treating facial skin early on.

To keep the skin and helps exfoliate dead skin cells, it helps you routinely exfoliating dead skin or known as exfoliation, for example once a week. This will help the skin to stay looking bright and soft. For that, see how to peel the skin a safe following;
A. How to peel off dead skin on the face with exfoliating gel product.

1.Moisten the skin with water first so moist, so while performing exfoliation of the skin is not injured.
Rub gently and slowly the skin surface using a soft cloth, such as flannel or cloth tetra. Tetra fabric commonly used as baby diapers, so the fabric is very soft for the skin and will not cause injury.
If you are not sure will be massaged and rubbed properly, select products exfoliants are safe and conform to the facial skin. Usually, this kind of beauty products have a grainy texture. The granules that will clean the dead skin while massaging the skin you use the product.
Flatten exfoliating gel, cream, or scrub to the entire surface of the face except the area around the eyes and lips. Then scrub and massage gently and slowly fairly short time, a maximum of 10 seconds.

   5. Rinse your face with warm water until it actually feels smooth and no residual product exfoliation in your face. Finish by washing the skin with cold water to close the pores back. Then dry your face with a soft cloth, by plumping the skin surface gently until dry.
For oily skin, exfoliation as this will help reduce excess oil on the face. As a result, the face will not be too visible greasy, while helping clean the pores that are not covered by excess oil.
If your skin is dry, do not worry do exfoliation. Sometimes there are concerns that exfoliates dead skin, lest skin will later be added to dry? Actually flaking dry skin can help smooth the skin surface, so that when you put on a moisturizer, can be more easily absorbed and utilized by the skin.
Attention; not too often peeling skin. Because if too frequent exfoliation can cause dry skin and wrinkles easily. simply do a maximum of twice a week, and do not forget to apply moisturizer after exfoliating.